Time Tools and Rooms

CreativeCommons image Tool Stash by Meena Kadri at Flickr.com


This week went ok.  Spent a lot of time reflecting about the choices I’ve made, and how much I regret them.


Xsplit Video Editor

This tutorial goes in depth about the different ways to use Xsplit, and has already taught me a few things I did not know about the program.


Image from sneakonthelot.com/my-courses/
Image from sneakonthelot.com/my-courses/

I spent a lot of time on catching up on videos for all classes, and also taught Mr. Mcnabb a new way to do math that’s faster.


Today was like a Hercules task.  Constant labor, for the goal of free time later in the evening.  My nemesises are the seemingly endless tasks that surround me.  My arc is the effort I put in, and music saving me from giving up.

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