Evidence of Editing: The Black Panther (2018) – Car Chase Scene Busan

  • What about editing language understanding did you notice?
    • There were quite a few standard cuts, but they were used well.
    • There was a jump cut when the two warrior women got into the car and drove.
    • There was a cutaway shot when T’Challa called for Suri to activate the car.  It made the scene so much better than the car simply appearing.  These are probably my favorite shots.
    • There were long L cuts when T’challa was on the car.  Not only the music, but also the sound effects constantly continued across visual clips.
  • What did you like about the film clip?
    • I liked how they maintained the momentum of the clip.  The quick cuts and transitions showed constant action, with running, shouting, and jumping.
    • When they did use longer shots, it was typically to show acceleration, or similar.
    • I also enjoyed the musical score.  It was implemented amazingly, like how when T’Challa explodes the car underneath him, the score switches from the radio music to his theme.
  • What question do you have from what you saw?
    • How long did this take?
  • What I learned from this week’s exercise is how much effort goes into planning these things today.

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